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Ebonyline has done me wrong for the last time. I will never buy from them again.

I ordered four wigs from ebonyline. The day the items was delivered I noticed that one wig had an awful smell ( that took three days to get out my hair, even after I washed my hair). So when I took it off of my head I seperated the strands of the hairs and noticed that their was mold on the hair in the inside of the wig. I washed my hair and immediately called ebonyline and told them what was going on.

Ebonyline told me to send pictures, so I emailed ebonyline the pictures that same night. Than the next day I called ebonyline to follow up on what they were going to do, and they started accusing me saying that I messed the wig up and that they don't sell wigs with mold in them etc., etc., etc. Mind you, I am the one who was violated that received a wig with mold on the inside of it, and I actually put the wig on my table, couch, and my head (I felt so small and violated) and on top of all that, ebonyline was treating me like I'm some lieing criminal. Out of the four wigs that I purchased, the wig that had the mold on it was the cheapest wig I brought that was on sale for $19.00 dollars and some change.

So why would ebonyline even think so lowly, I cannot understand??? So I returned the other wigs and had to endure weeks of calling them and emailing them and having them give me the run around talking to me rudely, disrespectful, nasty, and like I was a suspect in a crime instead of a paying customer who trusted them with my $97.00. So ebonyline ended up making me pay a restocking fee which they said I did not have to pay, and the money I had to use to mail their defective products (wigs) back to them. All of the wigs I brought were not the original quality names of the wigs.

Ebonyline sells imatation counterfeit cheaply made wigs with the actual original wig name, but not the original quality made wig that it actually is surpossed to be. And ebonyline gave me a partial refund of $39.00. I literally got robbed of $70.00. I was crying because I felt sooo abused and violated.

Ebonyline customer service is the worst ever!! The customer service representatives are disrespectful, rude, mean, they don't have a moral cumpas, and they do not care about the customer period! I am almost to the point of calling the health department, Attorneys General, and report ebonyline to the Better Business. I just don't really have all that time.

But I had to make time to leave a honest reply because it wouldn't be right if I didn't. Ebonyline is a grossly discuting company. It wouldn't be so bad if they own up, take responsibility and accountability, and make things right with the customers they wronged. But instead ebonyline will reply to the review with lies like they are the victims and their soo sorry and did the best they could etc., etc.,.

And that is one of the most disturbing issue I have with them as well, they literally are liars!! Bold liars at that. They know that some people will not go through the aggregation and all of that time on getting them investigated so ebonyline lies under the replys from the reviews of different customers. Ebonyline knows daggon well that all of the calls are recorded and us customers have all of our emails, pictures, and evidence on fact and proof, but ebonyline will still continue to lie.

That's disturbing and just goes to show what kind of company ebonyline is. Own up ebonyline, make things right with us you wronged instead of lieing and making excuses!!

Shame on you all!! Shame on you!!

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Same thing happened to me. Received a wig that had been obviously worn.