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If could give a negative rating I would. I tried with this place, gave them several chances but not once has it been a pleasant experience.

The 1st 2 times I ordered, I ordered and just waited. After reading reviews and suggestions, the 3 time I place notes with my order asking them to let me know if something I ordered was out of stock. They didn’t, I had to call looking for my order and that’s when they told me. I’ve had to call every time I’ve ordered to get the shipping information and ironically every time I called I was told that it was shipped that day.

Well, this last time I was more specific with my notes. I quoted their 80% shipped in 24 hours line and asked them to notify me of what I ordered was not in the 80%. I asked them to notify me if I wouldn’t receive it by Monday as I needed it no later than then and would order it somewhere else if they didn’t have it. I heard nothing.

Well, I started calling Tuesday and never got a person on the line. I called 5 times. Two days later I called from another number other than what was on the order and they answered. Summer told me that one of the items that I ordered was not in stock.

I asked if they read my notes to contact me and she said something that let me know that they hadn’t. She then placed me on a 5 minute hold. When she returned, she said that the rest of the order had been shipped that day. I specifically asked if it had been shipped and was en route or if a label had just been created.

She replied that it was en route and would arrive Saturday. She said she would send me the tracking number shortly. I asked her twice to clarify and she said it would be here Saturday. When I didn’t get the tracking number I called back.

I called 3 time from my number that was attached to the order and couldn’t get a person on the line. I called back from another number and someone immediately answered. I was told that my package would arrive Tuesday, not Saturday as I was told the day before. The person on the phone hung up on me after I told her it was unacceptable that they wanted me to send it back if I don’t want it and I’d have to pay the shipping fees then wait on my money back.

I was given the same typical response as given in most of the replies here about their shipping terms.

But what they fail to understand is that they tell you to put it in notes. I did that. Very specific notes and was not notified. Not only was I not notified, Summer flat out lied.

When I received the tracking number, I found out that the shipping label wasn’t even created until 9 at night after I had spoken to her so it had not been shipped and could have been cancelled before shipping took place. This is a scam to keep your money as long as they can until they find their next sucker to make a purchase.

Don’t be that sucker!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ebonyline Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ebonyline Cons: Not being notified when my shipment was delayed, Fraud, How i was treated by customer service, Current stock unknown.

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