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Something is wrong! Ive ordered from ebonyline off and on for about 2 years.

They use to send things out quick..i was amazed at how fast i got my order. Than about last year i started to notice they were out of everything. It didnt matter what their website said..i would put in an order and couple days later get an email saying they didnt have that color. It got so bad that i would write first and say...now before i order this do you have this color?

But this last order????? I dont know...i got a confirmstion number but nothing about shipping and its been 3 days. Even more suspicious is the countless emails i have sent and phone messages...4 working days and they cant answer any calls? Or emails?

Something is wrong.

Now im wondering if i should have my bank step in to get the money back. Has anyone received an order in these last couple weeks?

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I'm still waiting on an order to be shipped that I placed a week ago, I think I will cancel the order.

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