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First off their website in 2017 had a feature of a product listed as "Perfect for nappy headed *** see link or search EpicShae ebonyline review

I ordered a product and paid extra for 2 day shipping. They emailed 2 days later that it was out of stock. So though I was unhappy they took so long to notify me, I decided Id wait for the new shipment but wanted to change my shipping now that I had to wait since 2 days had already passed and they were just now telling me they didnt have it all of a sudden.

I replied the same day that I wanted to change my shipping to standard when They asked if I wanted to change shipping. They replied asking about my address. I responded its the same but I want Standard shipping and they ignored me.

Then when I asked about returning my shipping money since I had to wait, they tried to blame me and say I should have responded.

So I had to send them the screenshots of my response and our conversation on the same day that they emailed me to prove their statement was totally incorrect. They have no respect for customers and do not deserve your hard earned money!

They are rude!!

Stay away! There are much better businesses out there!

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